Making it snappy.

My first camera was a Casio that I earned by selling Christmas wrapping paper when I was very young. It was film. I loved it.

In high school I learned photography basics using only black and white film. We developed our own film and printed our own enlargements in a black-room on campus. Later, in college, I bought a fully-manual Minolta body with several lenses and 50 ASA slide film. My best work was taken with that camera.

Today I'm using a Canon 5D MkIII with a quite exciting array of equipments. It was hard to give up film; I enjoy manual processes and learning by trial in my hobbies. Digital cameras solve so many problems, though, and I love my current setup. I built a website to host all of my photography and videos, even the not-so-great stuff; it needs some design updates which I'll get to in due time.

Take a look!